Photo 4: Curiosity

A beautiful picture of Slinky


I have 2 main hobbies which I will describe below…

Looking Beautiful

I pride myself on my looks. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is look at myself in the mirror and I just think ‘How can an animal, such as myself, possess such looks’. I clean myself by licking my fur, and this fills large portions of my day as I have such long hair.
I also take several beauty naps throughout the day to avoid the ageing effects of time.

Planning World Domination

I can’t remember whether I mentioned my fascination with world domination earlier in this website… just in case I didn't, I'll go into more detail now...
Ever since I was a Kitten, I’ve dreamt of commanding people; telling them what to do. It must just run through my blood - it’s what keeps me going through the days.
Sometimes I like playing games like GTA 5 because it lets me control this onscreen character in the same way I’d like to control everybody in the world once my mind control device is finished (though that is a top secret project that I will not go into detail on here).

Photo 5: Swag

A beautiful picture of Slinky